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Data Center Sales, Marketing and Facilities Management

Key Services



Wholesale, Retail and Hybrid Colocation - we deliver revenue working with our IT partners,

broker relationships and referral partner network -- whether its 1 rack or 5MWs




Customer Focused on Price, Provisioning and Performance -- we know our markets, our competitors and most importantly, our customers



Turnkey - Whether it is a single data center or a larger portfolio, we operate 24/7

Staffing - Engineers with a proven history in the data center industry

Security - Full compliance with access designed around certification levels

Systems - Critical Infrastructure and related systems are monitored, assessed and operated with the highest level of care

Networks - Deliver customer connectivity in a variety of configurations and solutions


Focus, Focus, Focus by 

Reduced Operating Costs

Our team constantly looks to reduce costs through facility and technology synergies, committed staffing, and  strategic vendor/service/supplier network.

Risk Mitigation

Customized applications follow standardized methodology that reduces risk and increases uptime in partnership with Uptime Institute.

Next Gen Program

MCRE develops and employs dedicated and skilled technicians in the industry.  Our goal is to certify technicians with industry standards through programs and proprietary training.

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